Phishing is said to have happened when someone tries to get access to your StarAgent account by sending you a suspicious message or link that asks for your login credentials or personal information. If they get your credentials, they may enter into your account, and make use of your account information for various purposes.

How Do I Avoid Getting Phished?

  • Never answer messages or emails asking for your login credentials or personal information.
  • If you get a suspicious email or message claiming to be from StarAgent, don't click any links or attachments. Emails from StarAgent always come from or
  • Don't trust messages or emails demanding money, or threatening to delete your StarAgent account.
  • Avoid answering any phone calls that attempt to obtain sensitive information by impersonating StarAgent's operation department.

I've Been Phished - What To Do Now?

If you accidentally entered your username and password into a strange link or shared them with someone else, here are some things you can do then.

If you have received any phishing messages related to StarAgent, please forward them immediately to, so that we can try our best to protect you and your information.