Managing your team and tasks in StarAgent gives you more clarity and accountability, leading to better results. And to turn these better to the best, you need the power of StarAgent Premium (most of our Premium clients have told us that they couldn’t imagine running StarAgent without it!)

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StarAgent Premium Features

With StarAgent Premium, your agency has access to StarAgent’s full suite of work management features, in addition to what’s already included in the Solo and Standard plans:

1. Casting Call Broadcast Via SMS

Send out a piece of single information to all the talents involved in a particular Job at once as a text message. Update your talents list in a Job, hit ‘Broadcast’, write your message, check the box next to SMS, and select ‘Broadcast Now’. That’s all it takes to have your reminders, messages, and notifications reach your talents’ pockets! You can use the Broadcast History to ensure your messages are seen and read by the talents.

2. Global SMS Notifications For Talents

Simply create a booking in StarAgent, and all the talents concerned will receive instant SMS notifications wherever they are. So, you don't need to worry about sending separate texts to each and waiting for them to respond.

3. Shared Team Calendar

Use shared Team Calendar to assign tasks to team members and create reminders to help them tackle their day-to-day tasks. Get an overview of how busy your team members are, check who has too much or too little work, and adjust assignments accordingly.

4. Task Management For Agency Users

Break down complex projects into smaller easy-to-understandable tasks, and assign them to the right people. Manage all these tasks in a centralized location, and ensure your employees get all the details they need to hit the ground running.

5. Internal Team Chat system

Manage your team's conversation in Channels to streamline decision-making and improve problem-solving from top to bottom. Adding this feature to your workspace will let your people work together more effectively, reducing the distractions that stem from irrelevant meetings and unnecessary emails.

6. 1000 GB Storage

More storage space, more control - with StarAgent, you will have 950 GB and 500 GB more storage space than Solo and Standard subscriptions, respectively, helping you manage your team flawlessly, regardless of its size.

Is Premium Package Apt For My Team?

Every agency is different, and the perks of StarAgent Premium can be harnessed by teams that are both small and large, whether they are just starting out or have used StarAgent for a while. However, here are a few indicators that your team require StarAgent Premium:

  • If you are managing a team of more than 15 people
  • If you are working with lots of talents and clients
  • If you want to follow a definite workflow
  • If you wish to reduce the manual work
  • If your end goal is to improve work efficiency and productivity
  • If you choose to manage work and conversations in a single tool

How To Upgrade

If you are already using StarAgent, just go to Settings >> Subscription, and hit 'Contact Support'. You can also check out our pricing page and upgrade from there.

Still, have questions? You can contact our support team - they’re ready to answer any questions you have to make sure that Premium is right for you!