Remote working is more than a trend now; rather, it has become a necessity for most talent agencies. StarAgent is a single workspace for small- to medium-sized agencies who are working both from the office and remotely to centralise their work and communication in a single place.

If you are a manager who is in charge of rolling out or managing a remote team, this guide will share top tips to help you use StarAgent's 'Team Chat' option to set up an organised communication system.

Use 'Channels' in StarAgent efficiently to create a virtual office space.

In StarAgent, conversations happen in channels. As your team isn't working from the same location, dedicated channels for projects and team updates will allow everyone to stay up to date, keeping them aligned in the right way from anywhere.

Here are a few tips for you to set up channels to help your remote team to work together productively:

  • Create separate channels for each project and start sharing status updates, meeting notes, files and feedback regarding each in respective channels.
  • Create separate channels for each team based on department or location, and use them to stay connected.

Discover more tips on how to work effectively in channels here.

Keep a consistent format in naming 'Channels'.

Thinking what's there in a name? Well, there's a lot, especially when you are working remotely!

Keeping a proper naming convention and adhering to it is a simple way to ensure that channels are easy to find and comprehend.

We recommend reading this article to get more tips on naming channels.

Use the #announcements channel for making company-wide announcements.

As you have a team working from different geographical locations, it’s essential to have a specific channel to make organisation-wide announcements. So, create a channel, name it as #announcements or #announcements_company_wide, and inform your employees that it is the space for posting company updates.

Stay wholly engaged with your team.

Maintaining a remote team doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice employee interactions. In StarAgent team chat, you have a lot of emojis to make your messages even more interactive. With the reaction emojis, it’s hard not to feel appreciated and connected. So, try to use them more in your messages.

Tip: Consider using emoji reactions in place of short messages to speed up your work. For instance, try using:

? = “Your message is seen.”

? = “I agree with you.”

? = “Well done!”, and so on.

Engage your team with more connections.

When it comes to managing a remote team, keeping them away from feeling isolated at work is the most challenging task. To make the remote working experience painless for your employees, here are some things you may do with StarAgent:

  • Create a specific channel for your onboarding remote hires to introduce themselves.
  • Give your employees an informal channel to share birthday GIFs or giving kudos.

Have one-on-one conversations with your team members.

While most work-related and team-related discussions happen in channels, you can count on Direct Messages (DMs) to initiate one-on-one conversations with other users in the workspace. You can connect with any person in the group, and the conversation is only visible to the people involved. So, you can share confidential information this way.

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