The 'Projects' option in StarAgent allows you to organize all of the tasks/jobs related to a specific initiative into a card. There is no limit to the number of project cards you may create on StarAgent, and all the created cards are accessible to anyone from your agency at any time.

To Create A New Project:

  • Go to the ‘Projects’ tab in the left sidebar.

  • Click on ‘Add New’.

The created project will be listed as a card on the ‘Projects’ page, with the project name, ID, involved client, person-in-charge, and starting as well as end dates displayed on the card. Clicking on the card will provide you with further information related to the project.

Icons On The Project Card

Apart from the data shown, you will see SIX different icons on a Project card, and these are:

1. Search Tags

Tags in StarAgent are keywords used to label your talents, clients, and projects, based on the details you know about them. You can assign as many tags as you want for each project by going to the 'Search Tags' option on the profile, typing in the name of the tags in the tag window, and hitting 'Save'.

Tip: You can read more about creating and assigning tags here.

2. Invoice

Click on the ‘Invoice’ option on a Project Card to access all the invoice details of that project.

From this page, you are also able to add new invoices (by hitting 'Add Invoice'), view all invoices (by tapping on the 'View' option near to the required invoice), manage invoice payments (by selecting the ‘Payment Status’), and delete an already created invoice (by clicking on the 'Delete' option next to the invoice you wish to delete).

Tip: While adding an invoice, you may select the checkbox ☑️ 'Recurring' if you wish to allow your invoices to be sent automatically to the client at regular intervals. For more information on adding or editing an invoice, read this article.

3. Talents

The talents option on the Project Card will enable you to view all the talents you have added to that particular project.

In case if you wish to add new talent to the project, just scroll down to the bottom, navigate to the required talent profile, and hit 'Assign'. (If you wish to view the details about a talent before assigning, tap the 'Eye' icon on the talent’s profile.)

Tip: Use the 'Search' ? option on the page to quickly sort and find the talent profile that you're looking for. To search for talent by even more specific parameters, use the 'Advanced Search' ? option.

Now, if you want to deselect an already selected talent, you may click on the 'Delete' option on the profile.

4. Create Package

To create a Package directly from a Project without any manual intervention, you may use the 'Create Package' option.

This will automatically assign all the talents in that particular project into the created Package.

5. Edit

Edit’ option on the Project Card allows you to edit or update the already entered details of the project.

We would recommend you to check out the StarAgent Glossary, to get a better understanding of all the terms.

6. Delete

If you no longer need a project to be shown in your ‘Projects’ page, then click on ‘Delete’ option on the project card and confirm your deletion by clicking 'OK'.

Please note - Deletion is permanent, and there's no way that you can retrieve any deleted item on StarAgent. So think twice before you delete.

More Terms Explained

Project ID

This is a unique identifier assigned for a project and is used only within StarAgent. The number will be shown on the Project Card, near to the Project Name.

You can enter in this default generated project ID either in the main search bar or in the 'Search By Code' option under the search option in the 'Projects' page to locate a specific project quickly.


We use the concept of ‘Project Status’ to indicate at which stage a project currently is. You can choose to set the Project Status to:

  • Pending: An active project whose start date hasn't arrived yet.
  • Open: A project that is being actively worked on and is due for completion anytime in future.
  • Closed: A project that is completed and no longer needs any attention.

Tip: Visit your StarAgent Dashboard to view the statistics of your projects instantly.