StarAgent might be simple on the surface, but there is endless power under the hood. If you're ready to get to know it, let's take a deep dive into its key features in this handy guide. Additionally, we'll offer a few pro tips to help you get the most out of your everyday StarAgent experience!

1. Talent Management

Talent Management is the backbone of any talent agency. StarAgent supports how your people work to manage talent, with a cloud-based platform that facilitates the following features:

  • Store and manage unlimited talents, their details, images, and videos in a shared hub, which is publicly accessible to your organization. Anyone from your agency can integrate new talents anytime, by quickly entering their details and media.

  • Staragent allows for unlimited photos, videos, and voice clips. Anyone from your agency can upload or edit talent portfolios anytime, from anywhere.

  • You can run searches based on specific criteria, to find the models who are the best fit for your client’s requirements.

  • Client’s star ratings for talents are displayed on talent profiles to make the selection process even better.

  • The tagging feature will let you enter in the skills of talents, with which you can search and find a perfect casting, quickly.

  • Talent Status will help you identify if the talent is available or not for casting.

✨ Tip: Enabling self-registration option for talents will allow you to get the talent details updated to the StarAgent database automatically after verification, saving a lot of your productive time.

2. Project Management

The project management module of StarAgent has all the tools required to help you track and manage the projects of your agency from start to end. This can be useful for you in a number of ways:

  • You can keep all works as shared projects, and view progresses across each project in real-time.

  • Assign a clear owner for each project, so that everyone in your agency knows who’s responsible for a particular job.

  • Mention the date each project is due, to ensure involved members are working off the same deadline.

  • Create Q&A sets for each project to provide your team with all information that is essential for their efficient workflow.

  • Quickly identify the talents involved in a project, so you can easily update them with any related information if needed.

  • Search for particular projects using various attributes to see the details and work progresses across projects.

  • Effortlessly issue invoices in the standard format, and register payments made by your clients.

Tip: Make use of the StarAgent Calendar to quickly, locate holes and overlaps in the schedules of your employees to make needed adjustments, leading to better workflow management.

3. Client Management

We know that nurturing clients is equally important as staying in the loop with talents for your agency. So here, we bring together everything required to help you with smoother client management:

  • Save the details of your clients, and client liaison specialists in a dedicated database that can be accessed by your agency members.

  • Attach requisite details as tags on client profiles so that your team won't lose track of important information.

  • Anyone from your agency can easily search and get the needed client information anytime in a searchable archive.

Tip: Set your client status to active or inactive, so that your entire team can quickly identify if your agency is currently working with them or not.

4. Bookings & Packages

This is StarAgent's way of helping you out on creating talent portfolio packages quickly, and sending them directly to clients and casting directors within a few clicks.

  • You can customize these portfolio packages by adding your agency logo and choosing a viewing format available from numerous display options.

  • These package links are dynamic, which means you can update it with a new talent or additional information even after forwarding it to your client.

  • Clients can provide feedbacks directly from these packages, select talents by checking the boxes near to the concerned talent profiles and note down comments related to talents in the boxes provided next to their profiles, in the packages.

  • As an additional feature, StarAgent will let you download the Portfolio Packages as PDF for print purposes.

  • Any bookings, castings or updates your team make on StarAgent will be instantly available to your talent as both SMS and email.

Tip: Go for the “ Broadcast” option if you wish to send a single message to many talents, thereby saving the time required to recreate the same information several times.

5. Analytics


StarAgent is your easier way to identify what’s happening across your entire agency, and where your projects stand. With a real-time dashboard, you can be benefited in a number of ways:

  • You can quickly check all daily and pending events, projects statistics, and recently added and updated information on StarAgent.

  • With updates about the invoices, projects, and tasks that matter, you can keep track of your agency’s revenue progress.

Tip: The StarAgent dashboard will allow you to get a bird's eye view of your projects, revenue, assignments, tasks, and other useful resources. All you have to do is to make use of these data efficiently to measure the overall performance of your agency and make improvements accordingly.

6. Communication

Communication is the key to good collaboration and project success. StarAgent, with a built-in instant-chat system, supports how people work, making collaboration as easy and efficient as possible in an agency.

  • Your communication space consists of channels, a single place for messaging and sharing docs and files.
  • You can create as many channels as you need based on anything – teams, projects or even agency locations. {For instance, you may use a default #general channel on StarAgent to share any general updates with your entire team.}

  • Not everyone from the team needs to be in all channels; so, you can create separate channels for different purposes and add the right people in each.

  • You can choose to include an @mention in your messages to notify the right people updated.

Tip: Recommend StarAgent Mobile App for your talents, so that they can get instant booking alerts, respond instantly to casting calls, receive notifications and reminders, and chat straight through the app.

7. Admin Controls

At StarAgent, we're serious about the privacy and security of your data. That's why we offer several ways to manage access to your data.

  • You have the option to set restricted access to sensitive projects, enforce passwords, and create public projects for everyone from your agency to access.

  • You can assign organization admins to add, manage, and remove members, and their settings.

  • Change the member status to active or inactive, to restrict access to StarAgent accordingly.

✨ See what more you can do with StarAgent: Check out the StarAgent demo.