StarAgent is a workspace for small- to large-sized talent agencies looking to centralise work and communication in a single place. If you are in charge of rolling out StarAgent, this article will help you lead the way!

✍️ Note: You can also visit the StarAgent Help Centre to learn more about the features and working of StarAgent.

What Will We Cover Here?

  • How to manage your agency’s transition to StarAgent.
  • Tips for setting up your workspace in the best way.
  • Productive ways to use StarAgent and drive your employees’ adoption.

The way workspaces in StarAgent functions will be different according to the working styles of agencies. However, here are a few common guidelines to help you create a workspace that works well for you:

Set Proper Goals

What To Do: Recognize your employees' pain points and role-specific requirements.

Tip: Read "Getting Started" articles to prepare yourself for the next step!

Build Your Workspace

What To Do: Create your agency workspace, design basic communication channels, and enable your employees' logins.

Tip: Try implementing these tips to ensure the security of your workspace.

Launch StarAgent

What To Do: Host training events and explain in detail to your employees about your team's new central hub.

Tip: Get your employees to read "Using StarAgent" tutorials.